Are you searching for details of specific types of Australian businesses together with their website and email address contacts?


If so, the Directory of Australian Websites is a comprehensive, up to date database of over 163,000 online businesses in Australia.


This is what is included:-


(See over 1,000 sample records below)


~ 163,571 Unique Website Addresses indexed by Business Category.

~ 296,261 Unique Email Addresses as found at the Website Address.


Every Website listed includes at least one email address contact.  Over 92% of all records include the State in which the business conducts business but full Postal Addresses and Telephone Numbers are not included.


These are the main features:-


Unlimited Usage – Use the data as often as you want.

Guaranteed – Email & Web Addresses listed are guaranteed to be accurate. See Terms.

Easy to Sort – Simple to index by Business Category or State location using MS Excel.

Accurate – All data is  regularly checked and updated. See last update date below.

Fast Delivery – Via a download link supplied within a few hours of payment.

Low Price – Over 296,000 Records  for just A$275.00.



See over 1,000 Sample records from the Directory below:-


This is How we Research and Update the Directory :


Our dedicated offshore research team visits 100,000’s of websites to get details such as business category and the email addresses listed.  We use the email address contacts as one of the most important methods of keeping the Directory up to date as every few months we send an email message to all those listed.   If any record Hard Bounces* then we simply delete that record from our database!


This is our Guarantee:


No Directory, Database or List is perfect but our guarantee is the best in the industry. We believe the Australian Websites Directory contains the most accurate information possible. After all,  few other data suppliers go to such lengths to ensure that the information you purchase is as accurate and up to date. But we also recognize that not all data can be perfect. Websites are constantly being created as well as expiring. Email Addresses at those websites are regularly changing or becoming obsolete. So it’s natural to receive a small amount of outdated records. That’s why we offer our 100% guarantee. You’ll receive a refund for any portion of the website addresses that are not working or for e-mail records that Hard Bounce*.  See our Terms page for more details.


* A Hard Bounce means an email message that cannot be delivered where the receiving server returns an error message of a permanent failure such as  “Domain does not exist”, ” Mailbox does not Exist”, “User Unknown” , “Email Address Unknown” or “Website Unknown” 


The Directory was last updated: During January 2017


So what’s the Next Step?


To quickly get up-to-date and accurate details of over 163,000 Australian Businesses including  website, email address and business category:-


* csv files open  in Excel and most other spreadsheet/database programs.